Refund Policy by Kashco

Refund Policy

If you are reacding this page, then you are insecure with your money and not confident in our services. We request you to have a one-on-one skype conversation and have indepth discussion to help you gain confidence in out services.

We have very simple refund policy, if you have placed an order and don't want us to get started with work. You have 24 hours to place a cancellation request after purchase and let us know why you want to place a request for refund. Give us 12 hours to get back to you and 48 hours for refund

If we have a email confirmation that you want to get started with the project as soon as we receive payment, we wont be able to accept your request for refund because our team might have already started working on it.

You won't be able to place a request for refund once project is started. If you stop the project the money paid will not be refunded.

How to Request Refund?

It's simple. Just email us at with a subject "Refund Request for #transaction no." and let us know why you don't want us to work on your project.